Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hello! Today's photo of the day is a behind-the-scenes look at a calendar shoot that was for
Have I mentioned Zdenka Podkapova in the Playhouse? Of course I have! She is SOOOOOO HOT!!!!! --- XXOO Tanya

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Hi again! I posted the following thoughts on the Playhouse bulletin board maybe a month or so ago. The subject was on my mind again tonight and I reread what I had written and decided to put it up here with some modifications. Here it is:

Good afternoon! Thanks for your reactions to my last
(really long) post. It was nice to be able to let all
that out. Funny, I was reading something later last
night and came across this quote:

"We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of
everything that is real about us; ashamed of
ourselves, our relatives, of our incomes, of our
accents, of our opinions, of our experience, just as
we are ashamed of our naked skins."-George Bernard

Those words struck me as I read them because, in a
strange way, clothing is just another pretense. It's
just one more way people hide their true selves. It
has always seemed unhealthy to me when people ascribe
moral significance to nudity. I remember finding a
"dirty magazine" when I was young and getting caught
by my mother. She was horrified and told me what
"filth" it was. I asked her why. "It's wrong, it's
just WRONG!" was the only answer she could give me. I
must have been just 6 or 7, but somehow I knew at that
moment that the women in that magazine were being
vilified merely for displaying their sensuality and
not being ashamed of it. I knew they weren't really
doing anything wrong or bad.
Here and there as a kid I would always manage to
sneak peeks at other adult magazines, and I was glad
that the women in them were viewed in a negative
light. I was jealous of them and felt that I could
never be that pretty; I wanted a reason to dislike
them. In my heart of hearts I knew that they did not
deserve to be disparaged, but I was glad that society
did disparage them. How dare they be so glamorous and
bold and get all that attention without paying a
As I got older my friends and I would have
hypothetical discussions along the lines of: "Would
you pose nude in Playboy if they paid you a million
dollars?" I would always very emphatically say "No,
never!" It was easy for me to say that because I never, ever
thought that I would have the opportunity; I
wasn't pretty enough and I didn't have big breasts. I
used to try and think of reasons why the women in the
magazines were contemptible. There really weren't any.
It was a big thing for me to finally accept my own
hypocrisy and admit to myself that I would love to be
in a magazine. I was still young and I thought it
would give me some type of validation in those teenage
Any young girl can see the fascination men have with
nude or provocative women, and they can just as readily
discern the negativity with which many men view these
same women. It's all about power, and many men do not
want women to become too confident about their bodies
or their sexuality. If they can convince a woman that
relishing her own erotic nature will degrade her then
the man stays in control. It's sad that so many women
buy into that notion, and that "tramp," "floozy," and
"slut" are still such common words in our language.
It's sadder still that women use those words to
describe each other. As I wrote last night, I don't
champion wild promiscuity, but women should not have
to feel guilty about exploring their sexuality. Or
feel guilty about displaying their nude bodies in suitable circumstances. After all, X-rated material is always clearly labelled in this country so no one is forced to view explicit photos if they don't want to.
Appearing in an adult magazine was not the fulfilling thing I had imagined it would be as a young teenager, but I certainly have never regretted my decision to do so. Like the typical teenager I was unsure if I was attractive enough or compared favorably with other women in the appearance department. I thought that being selected for a nude layout would really boost my self esteem. On the day of my first shoot it quickly became obvious that the resulting photos were going to be the culmination of artfully applied makeup, well-styled hair, careful lighting, strategic camera angles, and padding in my bra. The person in that first set of photos looked nothing like me. It was a revelation.
Over the years I've heard the criticisms that the models in the magazines are "artificial." Some people decry the fact that the photos set unrealistic expectations for women. Well, yeah. The same commentary can be applied to the models that appear in Macy's catalogues, TV commercials, and music videos. It's all lighting, makeup, and posing. Most people are hip to that these days. Glossy, impossibly perfect images of women appear in every aspect of entertainment and sales. Those images help sell magazines, products, and everything else you can think of.
It's unfair that nude photos are always singled out as the ones that portray women in a pejorative light. Why should it be negative that someone looks at a sexy photo and masturbates? The men or women who are pleasuring themselves to these photos are in fact viewing the models as sex objects at that moment, but....... so what? Every reasoning individual knows that the naked woman has other aspects to her person besides her sex appeal. They just don't need to take that into account when they are jacking themselves off. It's not as if the woman is standing right there trying to carry on a conversation with them and be taken seriously.
Masturbation material helps provide some of the safest sex around and it is unfathomable to me that so many people denounce it. It's quick, easy gratification where no one gets their feelings hurt, becomes pregnant, or catches a disease. Yet so many people try to pretend that the models are "dirty" or have no self-respect.
Looking back at the years I have posed nude and done porno I can honestly say that I don't feel that I have compromised myself at all. I don't expect to have any regrets over my former profession when I'm older. Still, maybe I will encounter some people who will condemn me for some of the work I did. Who knows.
One thing I learned early on in the adult industry was that people never had much leverage with me if I was not ashamed of my sexuality. There were a few times in life when I briefly lost sight of that, but I always regrouped. I suppose that my reason for writing these words tonight is to encourage anyone reading them to reexamine their attitudes about women and sexuality. Are you one of those people who is intimidated by sexually confident ladies?
Women are entitled to enjoy and express their carnal nature without feeling guilty. Posing naked is not indicative of a character failing. All women should feel comfortable making personal choices regarding their own bodies, whatever those choices may be. --- XXOO Tanya
Hello! Zdenka Podkapova is in the Playhouse and she is AMAZING!!-- XXOO Tanya

Monday, July 28, 2003

Good morning! There is a steamy (literally!) new video clip in the Playhouse for your enjoyment. Today's photo of the day was taken a few months ago during a custom video shoot.
Speaking of custom videos, (and custom photos for that matter), tomorrow cameraman Lou and I are going to be shooting several custom orders. We usually try to shoot a number of them in one day so we can give everyone a bit of a break on the prices. Once he and I have the studio, the lights, the wardrobe, and the time set aside we can afford to shoot them for a little less money so it's cost-effective for everyone. Tomorrow, (Tuesday the 29th), we have extra time to shoot some more requests. Should you happen to have any interest in a last-minute custom video or custom photo set please contact Lou at You can also visit his site at
As I said, we will give you a break on the prices listed on his site if you want to order a custom shoot for tomorrow. Payments would have to be received by 12 noon PST tomorrow via Please be spontaneous and contact Lou for all other info!! Have a great day-- XXOO Tanya

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hello! Today's photo of the day comes courtesy of and features beautiful model Cleopatra of the Nile. I ran into her at the Adultcon convention on June 1 in LA, which is where this photo was taken. She and I have worked together for Steel Kittens and on several videos shot by Skye Blue. I just looked around on the internet, but cannot find Cleopatra's web address. The search will continue and I will post her site info. up here when I find it. Cleopatra is a very sharp and funny Australian woman with a sexy accent and a great body. Nice rack. Hopefully I will have occasion to see her again soon! --- XXOO Tanya

Friday, July 25, 2003

There is a new "tight red dress" photoset in the Playhouse today. It is aptly named as that dress was so snug-fitting that one of the straps popped off one evening when I was dancing in it. The limited amount of fabric could no longer contain the weight of my breasts or the rest of me. It had practically required a shoehorn to put it on to begin with. Skimpy as it was, that dress even had a bit of history.

I had ordered a long red gown from an online clothing store for a specific job that required one. A day or two before the job, for which I had to travel out of town, I received the short red dress in the mail instead of the longer one I had ordered. It happened to be one of those weeks where I had no free hours, but I had to make time to drive to Hollywood, capital of stripper apparel, to find a long, red gown before the trip. Not a really big deal, but still an inconvenience.

When I returned from the trip, which was in a foreign country and happened to be a particularly terrible work experience, I found a customer satisfaction survey from Yahoo Shopping sitting in my mailbox. It inquired about the service I had received from the online clothing store. The timing of it and my foul frame of mind compelled me to fill it out and return it to Yahoo Shopping. I don't think I've ever bothered to complete a customer survey in my life, even at times when I had far greater reason.

A day or two later I received an extremely irate phone call from a woman who only identified herself by her first name, and claimed to be the owner of the online clothing store. With great emotion in her voice and hostility rife in her words she lambasted me for giving her company a negative rating. Sure enough, on my computer that night was an e-mail from the same woman, signed with only a first name. I responded to her without being sure why I was bothering. I just found the e-mail exchange between her and me in my "sent items" folder. Some names in the following have been changed into dots. Here it is:

--- ".........." wrote:
> I left you a message today to give us a call
> regarding the feedback and your
> order.
> Would you please give us the courtesy of returning
> the phone call?
> We are a TOP SERVICE Yahoo store. We have certain
> rules given to us by YAHOO
> to be a TOP SERVICE Yahoo store. Not fixing a
> problem when a customer is
> unhappy is the FIRST mistake we can make. Although
> in this situation, we did
> not make an error. You gave us an "AWFUL" rating
> without even a call or an
> email that there was a problem on your end with the
> item you received.
> A simple phone call or email letting us know that
> you did not like your dress
> would have been the proper chain of command instead
> of giving us a negative
> rating. Our TOP SERVICE status depends on feedback.
> If we've done
> everything we can do to correct a customer's
> unhappiness with our store and
> we still couldn't make amends then that type of
> rating is justified. But when
> a customer doesn't even give us a chance, that's
> wrong and not very
> professional at all.
> We did not send you a cheaper version than what you
> paid as you are claiming.
> What you got is what our vendor sent us. That's
> it, very simple. That is
> the only way it comes to us. We don't make anything
> in our store. It's all
> purchased from different vendors.
> Rather than give us a bad rating, wouldn't emailing
> or phoning to let us know
> that you didn't like the dress nor the quality would
> have been the more
> mature way to go than slamming us with an
> unjustified rating? We would be
> more than happy to refund the price of the dress
> back to you. Sending the
> dress back to us via first class mail is less than
> $2.00. How is that too
> much trouble to get $54.00 back? Slamming us with
> negative feedback is
> supposed to be your way of getting even because of a
> dress you didn't like
> because it's "too much trouble to return it?" What
> is that all about? How
> can we provide the EXCELLENT customer service we are
> known for with an
> attitude like that? You are not allowing us to do
> our job.
> That was not your overall shopping experience with
> our store. 1. We sent you
> a request from PAYOLA to make it easier for you. 2.
> We sent your order out
> to you in less than 48 hours. Most online stores are
> not that fast. Yet you
> give us a negative rating. That's not right Ms.
> Danielle. Please be courteous
> and return my phone call so we can give you a return
> authorization to send
> the dress back. That is one of our more popular
> dresses and I could use it
> for my stock.
> If you don't want to shop with us again, that's your
> perogative. We need to
> do our very best in taking care of you from
> beginning to end. You have not
> allowed us to do that. We would be more than happy
> to refund the price of
> the dress back to you.
> Please give me a call tomorrow or email so we can
> issue a return
> authorization.
> "........."
> Owner

  This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 04:19:32 -0800 (PST)
From: "tanya danielle" <"........"> | This is spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: Customer feedback on order ".........."lingerie-10195
To: ".........."

You do not run a "top service" store. You would not
have such an adversarial attitude if you did. And, in
fact, you did make an error with my order. I ordered
the "Tri Gown" and instead received the "Tri Dress,"
which is priced $15 - $20 less. I had ordered the gown
for a specific job and a short dress did not suffice.
Why should I bother trying to do an exchange with you?
I shop on the Internet for convenience since I have
very little free time. When I get home from work the
last thing I feel like doing is repackaging
merchandise and going to the Post Office. I don't care
if it would cost me $2 or $0. It wouldn't even matter
if I got a bonus. Remember, you would owe me $15 or so
if I actually troubled myself to try and get you to
refund me the difference in price between the two
dresses. It's just not worth my time. You have
competitors on the Internet who fulfill their orders
properly. Rather than becoming indignant over a
dissatisfied consumer such as myself, you would much
better serve your company by figuring out the source
of the actual problem. Use your energy to find out who
is sending out the wrong merchandise.
I can understand a company, (or anybody), making a
mistake, but I'm certainly not going to give you a
good review when asked for feedback on the handling of
my order. Unfortunately, you deserve the rating that I
gave you. It even makes me feel bad to say it because
I know it's not easy to run this type of company.
Sincerely, Tanya Danielle

I smiled when I reread these e-mails because it was clear that I was not having a good week and little things were getting underneath my skin. Possibly the same was true for the woman from the clothing store. I had pretty much forgotten about the whole incident until I looked at the "tight red dress" photos. It's funny how the minutiae of daily life can really inspire misplaced anger sometimes. Strangely, the thing that annoyed me the most about the whole situation at the time was the fact that the owner of the store had been somewhat confrontational both over the phone and via e-mail, but had failed to provide her full name on either occasion. It has always seemed to me that if you stand behind your words then you wouldn't feel a need to hide your identity. Also, this woman had my name, address, phone number, and credit card information at her disposal. Did she think I was going to harass HER?

That silly red dress saga really annoyed me when it happened, but it seems funny now that I even cared about it at all. I thought I'd take a moment today to remind myself, and perhaps whoever is reading this, to slow down and not get worked up over minor things. Quite often the circumstances that make you lose your temper are not even worthy of eliciting such emotion. Please smile and enjoy your day!--- Many kisses, Tanya

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Good evening!! I just returned from a unexpectedly long trip to Vegas. (See details on Playhouse bulletin board....) It's very nice to be back home. I hope everyone has enjoyed the hot Jewel de Nyle photoset!! Many kisses, Tanya

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Hello! I hope everyone has enjoyed the "Dripping Yellow" set in the Playhouse, as well as the 3-girl beauty parlor "photo of the day" today. As of last week I am in the middle of a move, (see Playhouse bulletin board for details), but I'll be free again after Tuesday. Have a great day!! XXOO Tanya

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Good morning! Please join me today at for a live interview and striptease at 5PM PST today. Hope to see you there! XXOO Tanya

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Good evening! Today's photo of the day is from a calendar shoot for the 2003 "Wild Goose" calendar. It was taken on a street outside the photographer's studio in downtown LA. Can you see the truck driver peering out his windshield in the truck behind me? Some women from a nearby office eventually called the police, but we escaped in time.
Should you still be in need of a 2003 calendar, this one is available at Have a nice rest of the day! XXOO Tanya

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hello! A hot gallery of porn star/ dancer/ adult toy mogul Serenity has been added to the Playhouse today. She has supplied an interesting bio in addition to all her sexy photos. I'm SURE you will enjoy all of it...............XXOO Tanya

Monday, July 14, 2003

Hello- Hope you like the coordinating wig/ bra ensemble in today's photo of the day! There's a new WET photoset in the Playhouse today- enjoy!! XXOO Tanya

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Hello! Today's photo of the day is another happy photo of sexy Stacy Burke ( and myself which was taken by lovely Darla Crane ( a few weeks ago during a shoot for Close-up Concepts. Have a great day! Tanya
Hello! I just got home from work. Although the day is almost over I thought I'd take a moment to write about the photo o' the day. It was taken at the Erotica LA convention in June where I was signing at VCA's booth. The photo comes courtesy of Thanks Sal!! -- XXOO Tanya

Friday, July 11, 2003

Hi Mitch! this photo of the day is for you!!! Many kisses, Tanya

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Hello! Today's featured guest in today's edition of the "photo of the day" series is porn star Ruby. Unfortunately I don't have any website info. to give you for her. She and I met at the Adultcon convention in June where she was sharing a booth with an equally busty, hot blonde. Their booth was across the aisle from's booth where I was signing. It was nice to have lots of large barely-covered breasts to look at all day!! I watched Ruby attract a large crowd throughout the convention. I wish I had some current website info. to give you for her, but I am empty-handed. After searching for her on Google I can tell you that she originally hails from Ohio, and now works very actively within the adult industry. If I was reading the correct bio, she works at Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, as well as performing in videos. I'm about 99% certain I was reading the appropriate bio, but I did discover that typing in "Ruby porn star" on the search engines yielded more than a few redheaded pornstars. Go figure.
In any case, she seemed very sexy and friendly at the convention, and I thoroughly enjoyed her choice of apparel all afternoon. This photo is courtesy of which is set to debut any day now. Many of their photos are currently FOR FREE at Please go check out their site! Have a great day-- XXOO Tanya

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Oops!! I mentioned the extremely lovely Darla Crane in my last post, and mistakenly gave the wrong address for her site. The CORRECT address so you can go enjoy yourself is........ Kisses, Tanya
Good morning! Today's photo of the day features myself and the lovely Stacy Burke of Stacy and I were shooting a video directed by Darla Crane ( for Close-up Concepts. I think it's going to be entitled "What a Knockout!" Stacy is hilarious as well as beautiful, and she was cracking me up all day that day. During one of the segments of the video she had to pretend she was obsessed with me, and I could not keep a straight face. I'm glad Darla was directing because she has a great sense of humor as well.
Please go check out both of their sites- they are both VERY hot!! As you can see, Stacy is the ultimate blonde bombshell. Darla, of both bondage and porno fame, is the most beautiful redhead in the business. And they both have great racks!!! Have a great day --- XXOO Tanya

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Wait.....I forgot to also give kudos to S. Zinkel of "Super Heroines in Distress"
S. Zinkel is Alan's partner in what he refers to as "this Super heroine pop-culture thing." They are responsible for the aforementioned site, as well as for the two sites for which links are provided below next to the picture of the day. Thank you both so much!! XXOO Tanya
Good afternoon! The photo of the day today is actually a wonderful cartoon rendering of me- (I only wish I looked that good!!)- which is featured on the great Tanya Scorpion Girl site. Thanks so much to founder Alan who was kind enough to let me display it here! Alan has done tremendous things with the two sites listed below and I am VERY honored to be a part of them. Thanks again and again, Alan!! I hope that those of you who are not yet familiar with his terrific work will take a few minutes to visit and enjoy his sites. You'll be so glad you did!!
As of today there is a full, brand-new set of photos in the Playhouse of me and Mary Carey shooting a hot custom video together. You'll see that we tremendously enjoy each other's company!!!!--- XXOO Tanya

Monday, July 07, 2003

Hello! The very first "Photo of the Day" has been posted here on the front page. I thought it would be fitting to feature my hot, sexy, hilarious friend Miss Mary Carey. Nice rack!!! Remember yesterday I was mentioning custom videos? Todays photo was taken during a custom video shoot that Mary and I did together. We had a great time and got really drunk on champagne mixed with vodka. It was a strange combination suggested by Mary, but it proved to be highly effective.
I normally never drink during shoots, but since I was the "director" that day..................nobody could fire me!!!! XXOO Tanya

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Good evening! There is a new photoset, "Bare Kitchen," in the Playhouse. If you are a fan of interesting camera angles you will enjoy the new perspective it brings! Please look for a fresh never-seen-before video clip which will be posted tomorrow.
I wanted to take a moment to encourage those of you who may be interested in a custom video. Don't be shy!! I love to do wild videos by request! Please check for info. on the "custom video" page in the free area of this site. Cameraman Lou is fielding all requests, as well as handling all inquiries in regard to payments and ideas. We're eager to see what you might come up with.........
Have a great night! --- XXOO Tanya

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hello! I hope everyone here in the U.S. is ready to enjoy the 4th of July holiday. I'm looking forward to taking the day off and hopefully sitting by a pool.
As you can see, the front page here has been redesigned. There are many new changes in store for the site so please do keep coming back to check.
There's another site you should go look at. It is No, it has nothing to do with politics. I met some people from the site at the Erotica LA convention in June. They were incredibly generous enough to give me a "Dick Chainey" which has become my all-time favorite piece of jewelry. Please go to their site to take a look at it- you will be glad you did! The Dick Chainey is a perfect gift for any woman or gay man in your life. It's too bad Mother's Day has already passed. Believe me, the Dick Chainey is the ultimate accessory for anyone who enjoys being a conversation starter. It is great fun to pull it (him?) out of your cleavage and get a reaction.
I sound like their press agent, but I actually have no connection with Dick's people other than having been on the receiving end of the free Dick which they so graciously bestowed on me. Since I will soon be implementing the "photo of the day" feature here on the front page I will post a photo of me or one of my friends wearing my Dick. He gets around.
Have a great holiday!! --- XXOO Tanya

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Good morning! Just a quick note to let you know that I have a live appearance scheduled on Danni's Hard Drive on July 17. Please go to for details. There's a banner on my "links" page.
I just finished writing about Peruvian porn star Alexis Amore on the Playhouse bulletin board so you can read that after you are done ogling her photos!! Have a great day!--- XXOO Tanya

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Wait!! I forgot.......... When you go to be sure to sign the guestbook and say hello to Foxy!!!!!! Kisses, Tanya
Hi! Today we've added a new page to the Playhouse featuring sexy Peruvian model/ porn star Alexis Amore. It includes her bio and a beautiful photoset. If you like hot, big-boobed Latina women you will LOVE this update!! Yesterday we put up a new video clip of me wearing black mesh on an animal-print rug enjoying my animal-print vibrator.
This week be sure to take a look at the bulletin board where I will post stories about recent events including a shoot I just did for a video that will be featuring the notorious Heidi Fleiss. I have other information to pass on as well!!
Please also check out, a site created by Playhouse member Foxy. Thank you, Foxy!!!!! ---XXOO Tanya