About Me

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. I grew up in a town called Atherton which lies about 40 miles south of San Francisco, California. My parents sent me to an all-girls high school in Palo Alto, California. The joint provided adequate preparation for any college but did not stimulate me in any way, shape, or form. At 17 I moved to Southern California to attend the University of California in Los Angeles. In my second year I decided to forgo my UCLA studies for a stripping career, though at the time I did not know it was to become a career. Originally I was "just going to take a quarter off" from school. I never went back. Maybe someday I will, but at the time my pursuit of a degree in art history didn't seem all that compelling. I had far too many questions about the world and about myself. What many people refer to as "debauchery" drew me like a magnet. While growing up I encountered a lot of very clear-cut definitions of what it is to be a "good" girl or a "bad" girl. I knew it was all nonsense, but I ached to get to the bottom of why so many people chose to believe it. After years of experience and observation I came to the very obvious conclusion that many people are intimidated by women who are comfortable with both their bodies and their sexuality. It wasn't so long ago in US history that women aspired to nothing more than becoming wives and homemakers, and it was commonly accepted that they did not even have orgasms. The idea of women relishing both their sexuality and their independence is still a novelty to many backward-thinking folks. It probably won't go away until most ladies behave as equals in all aspects of life. My opinion is that women diminish themselves when they expect to be provided for financially or otherwise by men. We of the female persuasion have spent decades demanding egalitarian treatment when it suits our purposes, but too many of us fail to bear the fiscal burdens and responsibilities that men are expected to shoulder. As far as I am concerned I work full-time, pay all of my own bills, and I don't want anyone telling me to keep my clothes on, when I may have an orgasm, and with whom I may have it. I am very outspoken and enjoy the opportunity to air my thoughts on my website. I don't view my Internet work as some type of feminist statement but rather as a celebration of sexuality. When I was younger I liked the shock value of working in the adult industry, but now I enjoy it more because I can express myself and view pornographic material for a disproportionate amount of my workday. I have a lot of beautiful women on my blogs and websites! In addition to maintaining my websites I am a stripper, a fetish model, and perform in sex videos. My onscreen trysts are limited to women as I choose to save men for my private life. I've always been an exhibitionist, have not entirely lost my desire to shock people, and have found that I love pleasing an audience when I'm having sex. I derive a great deal of enjoyment from my work. Hopefully I will succeeded in providing some visual stimulation for all comers here. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a fruitful visit!

- XO Tanya