Saturday, March 15, 2014

POV Room Service

Several years have passed since Carrie Prejean completed her illustrious reign as Miss California. We find her sitting alone in a New York hotel suite as she contemplates the latest in a string of failed auditions. She badly needs to revitalize her career. A loud knock reminds her of the food that she had ordered and she pads across the carpet to answer the door. Carrie finds a surprisingly attractive room service waiter standing in the hallway. On a whim Carrie fluffs her hair and asks him if he recognizes her. It nearly crushes her ego when he shakes his head, but she decides to jog his memory by putting on her official pageant sash and tiara. Sensing Carrie's desperate need for approval the waiter indulges her with some perfunctory compliments before whipping out his huge cock and waving it around in slow, hypnotic circles. It seems to fill the room. Carrie can only stare in open-mouthed wonder at the biggest dick that she has ever seen in her life. He shoves it between her lips. Prior to this moment Carrie has never orally serviced anyone other than a pageant judge, but this young man's desire makes her feel beautiful again. Relishing his obvious lust she enthusiastically sucks and strokes him until he shocks her by spraying a gigantic, nearly inhuman load of hot cum all over her unsuspecting face..

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Membership Options

I just reworked the Membership portion of my Clips4Sale store. Not going to overthink this.. just testing it out to see if there is much interest. We are starting off with 6 streaming videos and 4 photo galleries. Membership fee is $29.95 per month, non-recurring. Check it out and let me know what you think!

XOXO Tanya

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Blog Comments

As the sun sets over the mighty Pacific Ocean we here at are working diligently to get Tanya's websites in shipshape order. Just adjusted some settings so more visitors can post blog comments ;)


Schoolhouse Rocked

For years Tanya Danielle has toiled at Amarillo High, deep in the heart of Texas. She dresses modestly and conducts herself with the type of quiet dignity which befits a social studies teacher. A seething sex fiend lurks beneath this prim, proper exterior. Somehow the 18-year-old captain of the football team senses the duality in Ms. Danielle's nature and sets out to seduce her. He succeeds in stupefying fashion - going so far as to claim her anal virginity - and promptly sends graphic photos of their sexual encounter to all of his friends. The evidence spreads quickly. Aghast at Ms. Danielle's indiscretions an assemblage of parents and teachers immediately try to force the educator's resignation and run her out of town. We join the disgraced blonde as she returns home to yet another barrage of hate-filled letters and phone calls. Overheated and nearly delirious, she throws herself onto a staircase and begins revisiting every last one of the erotic impulses which landed her in this cesspool of iniquity, shame, and despair..

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Life Lessons

In the pic above Francesca Le is teaching Moral Woman a profound lesson in Lesbian Damnation. I've learned a few other lessons in the past month, namely to back up my own data in case the hosting company is not doing so. The VOD store is now up an running again after the server crash. People have asked if I intend to rebuild my Members' Area. At the moment I do not think I will. Your comments are welcome. I have altered this blog so that only blog members can post comments. Join the blog by clicking the "Join This Site" button on the righthand side of the page.

 XOXO Tanya


Thursday, March 06, 2014

News from

Greetings! I have not yet decided whether I will rebuild the former membership area. Please contact directly to stop any further monthly billing charges. However, I have busily been rebuilding the VOD portion of and have loaded it with an assortment of brand new videos!:

Lesbian Damnation - Two separate eyewitness accounts place ubervillainness Lesbia (played by Francesca Le) within the gates of Parker City. An iron fist of terror grips the heart of Mayor Nancy. Ample documentation of Lesbia's last scourge of violence - which resulted in the homosexual defilement of thousands of female citizens - still lingers in the vaults of City Hall. From a darkened twelfth floor office the mayor fruitlessly, feverishly attempts to contact elusive superheroine Moral Woman (played by Tanya Danielle.) Hours pass. Gradually the sun replaces the moon in the sky, encapsulating the city in a bright, orange glow. Contrails of mist drift past the spires of only the tallest downtown structures. Inspiration hits Mayor Nancy like a sledgehammer. She places a phone call. Sister Tanya, longtime religious ally of the Superheroine Sisterhood, answers on the third ring. She listens carefully to the politician's strident, albeit slightly slurred, words and pretends not to notice the tinkling of ice cubes in the background. With reassuring solemnity Sister Tanya promises to do everything in her power to locate Moral Woman. Mayor Nancy drops the receiver back into its cradle and passes out at her desk. She has unwittingly conducted the entire conversation on a tapped phone line, thus revealing the exact whereabouts of Sister Tanya to the forces of evil. Lesbia and her cohorts now lay the foundation for a fiendish plot which will entrap Sister Tanya and force her to lead them to their desired prey: Moral Woman. (This hardcore superheroine-themed sexfight video contains punching, hair pulling, breast mauling, wrestling holds, facesitting, pussy licking, ass eating, and forced orgasm.)

Evil Bitch Boss - In the city of Los Angeles women talk endlessly about their rigorous workouts, martial arts training, and bold exploits. Puerto Rican-born Mercedes Ashley ignores their drivel. People with true violence in their natures never speak of it and these cheap, obvious poseurs simply bore her. She dreams of returning to San Juan. Soon, however, she becomes intrigued by her new secretary, a quiet, mannerly woman who often misinterprets directions and passes her workload off onto other people. It becomes apparent that this employee, Tanya Danielle, has erected a remarkably convincing facade of docility and compliance in order to get what she wants out of life. Tanya doesn't pretend to be tough: she pretends to be meek. This effective subterfuge both impresses and enrages Ms. Ashley. On a cold Friday afternoon she lures the scheming blonde into a company warehouse. After a brief fracas she succeeds in binding Tanya's wrists tightly with rope. The women glare at one another. "You will never break me." Tanya promises. "Ten years from now I will still be doing 1/8 of the work and getting twice as much pay as any of the broads in your office." Ms. Ashley leans in close to her captive. "I will break you and I will do it slowly.. " she enunciates in a voice just a little above a whisper.. (This video contains wrist bondage and brutal spanking of the buttocks and breasts. Tanya can take more pain than most people would ever suspect.)

Invisible World - Highly paid escort Tanya Danielle reveals the tricks of her trade. Discretion, understatement, and integrity trump everything except physical appearance and raw sexuality. The elusive combination of all five qualities creates a perfect storm, the female embodiment of a rich man's fantasy. She describes her clientele as cultured, discerning, and nearly invisible. Some have stellar academic credentials while others dropped out of high school. Some request exotic assignations while others prefer tame but torrid encounters. All shun the limelight despite their successes in life. Even a trained observer would nver guess at the extremity of each man's affluence. Join Tanya for an exploration of a world where prestige means nothing and no one wants to be recognized.. (Invisible World contains interviews, striptease, panty fetish, masturbation, masturbation encouragement, and POV sex.)


XOXO Tanya


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Invisible World

Highly paid escort Tanya Danielle reveals the tricks of her trade. Discretion, understatedness, and integrity trump everything except physical appearance and raw sexuality. The elusive combination of all five qualities creates a perfect storm, the female embodiment of a rich man's fantasy. She describes her clientele as cultured, discerning, and nearly invisible. Some have stellar academic credentials while others dropped out of high school. Some request exotic assignations while others prefer tame but torrid encounters. All shun the limelight despite their successes in life. Even a trained observer would nver guess at the extremity of each man's affluence. Join Tanya for an exploration of a world where prestige means nothing and no one wants to be recognized..

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 RIP

February 5, 2014: Supergirl flips idly through a magazine which documents her latest adventures. Three titanium screws now hold two of her toes together, the result of a harrowing encounter with a landmine in Eastern Mongolia. She sits with her feet swathed in bandages and elevated on an ice chest. A phone rings. Puzzled, the blonde superheroine stares at the device for a long moment before picking it up. "Internet hijackers have learned your whereabouts." a voice informs her. "I'm recovering from surgery." Supergirl says slowly. "Will you be dispatching reinforcements?" The line goes dead. "I can handle it." the veteran crimefighter mutters under her breath, disliking herself for the wave of fear which rises through her stomach and then crests inside her racing mind. Current physical limitations will prevent her from engaging in hand-to-hand combat so the protection of the mothership website,, may require drastically subversive measures..

February 19, 2014: Although Supergirl gave it her best nothing could stop Internet pirates from inflicting incredible punisment on her person and destroying the company website. She lies defeated amidst the smithereens of her shattered empire... In all seriousness, my hosting company has revealed that they cannot recover any of the files associated with They asked me to supply them with backup data so they could restore the website. I thought they were supposed to be backing up the files and the infrastructure. Isn't that, in part, what hosting companies do? Suffice it to say that right now I have more questions than answers and that the former has vanished into the ether, dying a virtual death 15 years after its inception. Someday, in some capacity, I will rebuild. Currently I am recovering from surgery on my breasts and my feet so I need to regain my health and pay off my medical bills first. Thank you to all of my valued long-term members. I am sorry that circumstances have unfolded in this manner. My Clips4Sale store remains open and Jay at is actively booking me for custom videos. Please contact Jay with any other questions and concerns as well. He is forwarding messages to me. I send much love and respect to all of you.

XO Tanya


Friday, February 14, 2014

Poison Valentine

Like many visitors to the motel the woman carries a small quantity of drugs and no identification. Unlike most of them she has taken a great deal of care to erase any trace of her former existence. Nine days earlier she had pulled her eponymous website off the Internet, thus rescinding a contract with destiny that had led her on a long and variegated journey down the Infomation Superhighway. Now she sits in unit 206 of the American Inn with a cyanide capsule in her hand. On impulse she takes a long whiff of the only adornment inside the room, a single rose placed atop a rickety night table. Soon she will join her website in the unfathomable netherworld which occupies a realm beyond earthly cognition..

Just kidding.

Server problems have taken offline. The hosting company tells me that they are doing everything within their power to restore it. I extend my deepest apologies to all active members. Hope to have some good news very soon!

XO Tanya


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tanya Danielle Down

Ruthless saboteurs have taken Special Agent Tanya Danielle hostage. They have also seized her websites, and, and removed them from the Internet until further notice.

No, not really.

Server problems have caused both sites to go down temporarily (although we are now redirecting their domain names to Our hosting company is diligently attempting to clone Tanya's hard drive onto another disc so that both sites will once again become operational on Monday, February 10. We extend our sincerest apologies to all members of who have lost their VIP access at this time. Please feel free to contact Jay at with any inquiries or concerns.




Friday, February 07, 2014


Politician Tanya Hamilton (played by Tanya Danielle) is running for reelection and wants to reach out to as many of her constituents as possible. She notices that numerous of them have transplanted their families to 623 Broadway Court, an address near the railroad tracks on the edge of town. Upon further investigation she discovers that the Shangri-La Motel occupies this location. While consulting an online map she stumbles upon some traveler reviews of the establishment: "Hump by the hour motel", "Someone trying to call us was repeatedly hung up on by the front desk who didn't seem to speak proper English and kept telling her, '$50!' and hanging up.. ", "The only channel on the television that actually had a clear picture and sound was a porn channel.." Mrs. Hamilton stares at the glowing computer monitor with concern, abruptly rises to her feet, and grabs her purse on the way out the door. Fifteen minutes later residents of the Shangri-La see a shiny, maroon Mercedes e550 coupe pull into their lot. Its license plate frame reads: "Happiness is seeing a smile on a needy face." Silent onlookers watch as Mrs. Hamilton bounces briskly across the cracked asphalt driveway. She checks her notebook before proceeding to room 204. Twenty pairs of eyes widen simultaneously as everyone wonders why this blonde outsider is visiting the Jackson residence. In his later telling of the story Jamal Jackson describes a frenzied session of sexual gymnastics in which Mrs. Hamilton brings him to orgasm three different times and swallows two loads of his cum. When neighbors express skepticism he gladly produces videotaped evidence of their breathtaking encounter..

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tanya's Self-bondage

Tanya Danielle is waiting for her Master to arrive..

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chrissie Claus

The granddaughter of Santa Claus, Chrissie, works five action-packed weeks a year. Clad in a skimpy rendition of Santa's traditional apparel she bravely fights the perennial crop of opportunists and evildoers who attempt to disrupt holiday festivities. By December 26, 2013 she needs a vacation. Upon arrival at the Indianhead Ski Lodge Chrissie pens a few postcards to close friends and then relaxes into the candle-lit, wood-panelled ambiance of her chosen destination. A fiendish stranger manages to intercept one of her missives, pinpoint Chrissie's exact location, and trail her into the polar vortex. Gleefully he sets up surveillance equipment which records her every move. To his utter delight Chrissie's naughty post-Xmas antics potentially spell doom for her continued career as a yuletide crusader. How will the Claus family prevent him from releasing the footage?? Can Xmas 2014 be saved?

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1984 - Aerobicise!

Floating camera angles, spandex leotards, lively yet unobtrusive music expand your senses. Enraptured, you stare at Bess Motta, Arlaine Wright, and Holly Butler as they guide you through a superbly effective workout. You rise at 5am each morning to sit on your couch and observe the obvious benefits of their daily exercise. Glowing with good health they twist, bend, pulse, flex, and smile at you with dazzling, white teeth, beaming through your smoke-filled living room like beacons of light. And then they vanish. The TV set goes dark. You start having your first cigarette of the day on the front porch and the habit persists for the next 30 years. Shortly before the advent of 2014 you catch a snippet of an exercise video on the Internet. A ray of light slices through the fog that you never realized was encompassing your existence until now. The blonde host beckons you inward. Does she have her own show? Is this the dawn of another aerobics era of magnificence? 

Tanya Danielle stars in 1984-Aerobicise! Watch now at Members of receive a 15% discount on all selections in the store.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jeans at Home

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Friday, September 06, 2013

Custom Shoot

Here is a pic from a private custom shoot I did last weekend. Footage will not be released but I did have the opportunity to take a few sample photos.

XO Tanya


Friday, April 05, 2013

POV Ice Queen Sex

You and your coworker Tanya have barely exchanged more than a few sentences of conversation in all of the years that you have shared office space. She reminds you of your fellow engineering students at UCLA who could barely speak English. During a flight to Minneapolis on business you watch surreptitiously as Tanya fills in every last blank space on the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. "She should have excellent oral skills." you think to yourself. A few minutes later, after taking a deep breath and summoning up your courage, you inquire about her recent holiday vacation. Tanya's eyes widen in surprise behind horn-rimmed glasses but she does respond to your query. Emboldened, you pose another question. And then another. Finally you have broken the ice and Tanya chats amiably during the rest of the journey. Much later she invites you to her hotel room for a nightcap. Upon entering suite 605 you notice a stack of silky, full-back panties lying on her bed. Is this some type of signal? Could you have melted the heart of your formerly frigid coworker so quickly? Apparently so.. soon Tanya is begging for sex and sucking on your cock like it's her favorite flavor of frozen popsicle..

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mesh Madness

You find me standing in the hallway when you answer an unexpected knock on the door. I brush past you wearing a vintage, 1960s-style party dress over fishnet pantyhose. You can't keep your eyes off my shapely legs and 5" stiletto heels. I perch on the side of the hotel bed and slowly, languorously remove the dress. The dark pantyhose look rich and elegant against the crisp, white sheets. Pockets of my full, wet pussy lips press through the mesh squares of the fabric. I give you permission to pleasure yourself as you watch me. After much supplication - I love it when you beg - I step out of my high heels so you can admire my feet. The intensity of our combined pleasure reaches a fever pitch several minutes later when I begin shredding the pantyhose with my fingernails, exposing my pedicured toes, dripping pussy, and everything in between..

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madelyn Porter

Pockets of iniquity still thrive amidst the rampant redevelopment of downtown Los Angeles. Around 8am on a grey Saturday morning an inconspicuous 1990s-era Honda cruises slowly down San Pedro Street, heading closer and closer to the once notorious Skid Row area. Its operator searches for a sign bearing the name of the long-defunct La Jolla Hotel. Facades of recently renovated buildings dominate the landscape although many of them still abut abandoned rooming houses and weed-strewn lots. After a halting, circuitous journey the visitor finally spots the decayed old sign looming above the barricaded entrance to a century-old, dark brick building. Despite the earliness of the weekend hour people are milling about on the sidewalks, carefully assessing each passerby who ventures into this quadrangle of rough turf. Gentrification has not yet reached the intersection of 6th and Stanford, but it will. The Honda rolls to a stop about one block past the former La Jolla Hotel. After shutting off the engine the driver surveys the grim surroundings, senses the presence of mostly invisible watchers. The humble appearance of the vehicle does not fool anyone. Longtime residents of the area know that cruel surprises almost always arrive in a seemingly innocuous manner. They wait patiently. The object of their scrutiny reclines in the front seat and takes an internal measure of the atmosphere while ruminating upon the checkered history of the La Jolla. Several decades earlier authorities had forced the closure of the business after three suspicious deaths had occurred on the premises. News of the untimely passings had neither made the headlines nor come to the attention of the general public, but the ensuing police investigation had given rise to a disconcerting rumor. The lead detective handling the La Jolla matter claimed that once-promising Hollywood actress Madelyn Porter was residing inside of the decrepit establishment. Barred from the film industry during the McCarthy era Porter had  focused her considerable energies on creating a reputation as a mystic. Back in 1950 many acquaintances believed that she was researching means by which she could destroy the lives of those who had betrayed her. Since that time unconfirmed accounts of Madelyn's secretive, vengeful existence had become legendary, taking on momentum as the decades passed. Most recently, a maintenance crew on a routine inspection had reportedly encountered the former actress on the third floor of the condemned La Jolla building. Each of the spooked workers swore that she looked exactly the same as she had in the iconic publicity stills taken for her last film in 1949. Blinding flashes of light and powerful tremors had forced the men from the structure before they could confront her. Shortly thereafter city officials had deemed the La Jolla unsafe for entry and had slated it for demolition. The cassette player inside the Honda reaches the end of a tape and makes an abrupt clicking noise, jerking the driver back to the present reality. From a distance various observers see the front door of the vehicle slowly swing open. Its occupant steps onto the sidewalk, determined to gain access to the La Jolla and at long last put both Madelyn Porter and her legend to rest..

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Maid Service 3

An enterprising hotel maid (Tanya Danielle) has found a way to supplement both her income and her diet. After years of merely turning down beds and providing fresh towels she has expanded her repertoire to include handjob and blowjob services. Buy this amazing clip to witness the horny maid displaying her new talents and then taking a cumshot in the mouth from one very satisfied customer..

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Taylor Stevens Transformation - Wow!

A friend just sent me this article about Taylor Stevens, a pornstar with whom I was unfamiliar. I started searching for her on the Net and was astounded by her dramatic transformation! Very impressive. She is a potential goldmine as a representative for any number of companies who specialize in weight loss.

XO Tanya