Thursday, February 11, 2010

POV Lap Dance

You are arriving home from work, hoping that the cleaning lady has left for the day. The company you use, The Merry Maids, sends a new person each week to clean your place. It makes you uncomfortable to be in your house with a stranger in your midst. On this particular evening you unlock your front door with trepidation, silently imploring fate that the worker already be gone. As the door swings open you quickly force a strained smile onto your face when you catch sight of this week's Merry Maid in your living room. To your surprise she grins broadly at you and offers you a drink. Although you do not respond she prepares you a gin martini and then pushes her large breasts into your face. After loosening your tie this smiling sexpot requests that you pick some music so she can perform an extremely seductive striptease show for your pleasure. Just how long has this woman been in America?? You can't place her accent and when the music starts playing it is the furthest thing from your thoughts...

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